The Ab Wrap

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Designed by a team of pelvic floor physiotherapists and postpartum pelvic floor fitness specialists, the Ab Wrap provides targeted support to your postpartum abdominal wall and pelvis while you restore your core from the inside out. It's like a gentle hug for your abdominals! It can also be used during pregnancy, worn lower, for lift and support.

Both the Core Confidence Guidebook and Online Program is INCLUDED!

Recommended by Doctors, Midwives, Doulas and Physiotherapists.

Please note: This garment is NOT waist trainer, but rather a pelvic and lower abdominal support wrap for postpartum recovery, or as temporary support in rehab movement under the guidance of a physiotherapistIt is not intended to help 'flatten your abs' and is likely not the right solution if that is your goal.

Selecting Your Size

To determine the best fit, measure during the 30th week or so of your pregnancy

  • If your measurements don't quite match up to our chart, go with your 'under the bust' measurement
  • If your measurements are between sizes, go with the smaller size.
  • If you are ordering closer to delivery, typically the size you wore pre-pregnancy will work for our wraps.
  • When your Ab Wrap arrives, please be sure to see if the sizing will fit your right away. DO NOT REMOVE THE PROTECTION COVERS of the velcro until you are sure you have the correct size.


Under Bust 22"-28" 28"-34" 33"-39" 38"-44" 43"-49"
Hips  24"-30" 30"-40" 35"-45" 40"-50" 45"-55"